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Steel Walkways


Rhino Grating provides tailored solutions to meet your construction requirements. We work with you to ensure that our products are designed, manufactured and delivered to plan.

Slip Prevention:

The slip resistance of the flooring and walkway products is an important factor. Serrated grating can be specified in flat or sloped areas requiring greater resistance. The slip resistance of steel can also be improved by setting the direction of walking
over the floor parallel to the loadbars. Our 100mm cross rod centres offers greater slip resistance than narrower alternatives.

Placing an Order:

To place an order we need the following information:

  • Type of load bar required (Serrated Flat Bar, Serrated IBar, Flat Bar, IBar)
  • Load Bar size (Depth and thickness)
  • Load bar centres (Series 1- 30mm, Series 2- 40mm)
  • Load bar directions
  • Cutouts fully dimentioned
  • Kick plate detail if any
  • Clip requirements

Load Bar Types:

steel-grating-flat-bar steel-grating-serrated    steel-grating-ibar
  • IBar profile gives around 25% weight reduction while retaining strength.
  • Serrated Ibar is high strength and light weight with increased slip resistance.
  • Traditional high strength flat bar grating profile.



The following illustration displays a topographical grating drawing designed with cutouts.


See the Technical TAB above for more information on Grate sizing and selection.
Contact Us for more information.

Rhino Grating clips are manufactured from tough galvanised Steel. Clips ensure security and safety of walkway gratings. Our one clip works with both our series 1 and series 2 gratings.


steel-grating-clip-2  steel-grating-clip

The drawing below shows the variables in your grating options.

Download the Rhino-Grating-Technical-tables.pdf for information on grate loadings and sizes.


Grating Tolerance Diagrams:

grating-tolerance-1 grating-tolerance-2 grating-tolerance-3

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