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Steel Stock Panels


We carry a full range of off the shelf stock panel sizes. Rhino Grating’s steel stock panels provide fabricators with high quality steel grating in standard sized sheets. Our steel panels are available in different combinations of load bar depth, thickness and style to suit your application.


steel-grating-ibar steel-grating-serrated steel-grating-flat-bar
IBar profile gives around 25% weight reduction while retaining strength. Serrated Ibar is high strength and light weight with increased slip resistance.  Traditional grating profile.


Stock Panel Attributes:

  • Standard Sheet Size: 5800mm Long x 1000mm Wide
  • Load Bar size range: 20mm deep x 3mm thickness – 75mm deep x 7mm thickness
  • Load Bar Pitch: span between load bars of either 30mm (series 1) or 40mm (series 2)
  • Cross Bar Pitch: standard span between the cross bars of 100mm
  • Available grate types: standard Flat Bar, standard I Bar, serrated Flat bar, serrated IBar

The weight and strength of the sheets depends on the size and span of the load bar required. Please consult the Technical TAB or contact us for a complete listing of the available grate sizes, types and selection assistance.


Rhino Grating Steel Clips are made from tough Galvanised Steel. They are designed to be lightweight and safely lock down grating platforms. They are designed to fit all of our series 1 and 2 grating profiles.


Rhino Steel Grating ClipsCode: 3-50CLIP-GA steel-grating-clip steel-grating-clip-2


The following diagram shows the variables in Rhino Grating Stock Panel selection. The exception is the End Plate which is not included as standard on stock panels.


The following Table shows our standard Grating sizes. We can also create stock panels to your specification. Contact Us if you require more information.

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